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Muskrat Hoop Earrings
Silvertone with hooks
Approx. 3″W x 3.5″L
$40/pr.  plus shipping






Measures approx 4″ long. Silvertone nickle free fish hook. $40/pr.

Discliamer: The purple oil slick ones with the super chunky crystals are more like an ear weight!

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Using only upcycled leather. Approx 6″ long. Price listed is for a pair.

Nickle Free Silver tone ear hooks. Some have Mink vertebrae and some have coyote teeth and others are just plain.

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Simple Crystal Hoop Earrings

Approx 2.5″ long $17/pr.

Silvertone nickle free hoop with lever clasp in 2 colors. Aurora Peach and Plain ole quartz.

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Python Vertebrae and Crystal “Nightmare catcher” Earrings

$45 / pr. approx. 4.5″L x 3″W

Silvertone hooks and hoops with wire wrapped crystals, real python vertebrae

Choose Crystal Color

Simple Python Verdigris Ear Candy

Measure approx. 3.5″ on nickle free antique goltone hooks. $25

 Deluxe Verdigris Coyote Teeth Ear Candy

Approx 4.5″ long, fairly light weight with gold tone crystals. $40


 Muskrat Verdigris Jawbone Ear Candy

Muskrat jawbones wired onto a lovely patina filigree backing.

Silvertone nickle free ear hooks. Approx 3″ long. $25

  Fancy Beetle Wing and Rattle Snake Ear Candy

Beetle Wings and Rattle Snake Vertebrae light weight ear wings. (See what I did there? ha!)

Approx 4.5″ long. Silver tone nickle free ear hook. $40




Antler Ear Candy Collection

Each earring has a coyote tooth, a crystal and of course, silver or ant. goldtone antlers.On a nickle free ear hook. Each is approx 4″ long and fairly light weight. $25

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 Mink Jawbone and Quartz Ear Candy

Mink jawbones and quartz on antique gold chain with ant goldtone, nickle free hooks. $25

 Rainbow Chakra Ear Candy

Approx 3.5″ long on silvertone hooks. $20


 Exquisite Deer Antler Ear Candy

Real deer antlers and czech glass beads have a lot of sparkle.

On silver tone hooks, approx 4″ long. $40

  Rattlesnake Ear Candy Collection

Silver tone feathers with antique garnet beads and rattle snake vertebrae.

Silver filigree moons with your choice of pearls, antique garnet beads (not pictured) or pyrite colored beads (not pictured yet). Silvertone solid moons with choice of garnet or pyrite colored beads (not pictured yet).

Approx 4″ long, nickle free ear hooks. 25$

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 Pyrite Solid Moon Ear Candy

Approx 3″ long. Nickle free. $20

Big Coque Feather Ear Fringe

Three layers of black rooster feathers, topped with mink vertebrae on silver tone chain with silver tone hooks. Approx 13″ – 16″ long. $25


Two tiers of black or blue rooster feathers topped with a mink vertebrae. Silver tone chain with silver tone hooks. Approx 11″ – 14″ long. $20

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Pheasant as Phuck Ear Fringe

Golden pheasant red tipped feathers. A natural red or reddish color at the ends.

Available in super long deluxe with mink vertebrae galore. Approx 15″ – 18″ long on ant gold tone hooks. $40

Pheasant shorties with mink. They also have that red color even though the pic does not show that. Approx 6″ long on ant gold tone hooks. $20

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 Beetle Wing Ear Wings

On ant gold tone hooks. Approx 4″ long. $20


jewelry web 24Deluxe Verdigris and Filigree Muskrat Jawbone Earrings with Shiny Goldtone Crystals on ant. gold tone hooks

$40/ pr.  Approx. 4″L x 2″W


jewelry web 29Pyrite / Coyote Tooth / Silvertone Feather Dusters on ant. gold tone hooks

$25/pr.  Approx. 5.75″L


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Amethyst / Mink jawbones / Silvertone feather Ear Candy on silvertone hooks
$25/pr.  Approx. 5.5″L


jewelry web 30Mink Ilium (aka Mink Hips) ear candy with silvertone hooks

$25/pr.   Approx. 5″L

jewelry web 26 Simple beetle wing earrings

Available in antique goldtone or silvertone

$7/pr.  Approx. 2″L

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